Safeguarding your property and your people is a big responsibility. It requires high-caliber professionals, broad experience and trusted service partners.At Oscar we know that every quality security service is founded on several non-negotiable features: 

Staffing Terms and Conditions:
Ensuring that the security officers' Terms and Conditions of Employment are rewarding enough to attract those with the highest character and highest performance levels. Vetting :

Carrying out thorough vetting and training procedures to a high standard to ensure every Impressions security officer is a trusted, reliable professional.

Supervision :

Employing supervisors who specifically conduct spot checks to ensure that Impressionssecurity officers are performing their duties efficiently, to update training requirements and to provide an extra physical on-site presence. You can be confident that vigilance is always a priority.

Security Priorities

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Ensuring, via Management Liaison Visits, that your security priorities are catered for. During each visit we undertake a consultative process to review, update and lock in Assignment Instructions that are appropriate and effective.